Suzuki will unveil the Crosshiker concept at Tokyo motor show.

Suzuki will unveil the Crosshiker concept at Tokyo motor show.Suzuki will display several lightweight concept exhibits at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show including this gem — the Crosshiker — which looks like a new version of the ugly, egg-shaped Suzuki X90 from last century.

It’s a total contradiction of Suzuki’s show theme which is “Let’s Create a Brand New Story”. That doesn’t compute given the styling of this vehicle which is a throwback.

Crosshiker is a compact crossover with weight reduction and fuel-efficient technologies. It uses the next-generation lightweight Suzuki platform. Crosshiker is the size of a compact car while weighing 810kg – the weight of a minicar. It runs a newly developed 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine which Suzuki says strikes a good balance between power and environmental performance.

Suzuki is a small car specialist with strong sales based on well priced, sensible vehicles. Perhaps this is just a bit of fun, something to create a bit more interest in the brand in the face of stiff competition.