Suzuki new model launch plan between 2014-2017

2014…At quarter 2.The next generation Alto will be arrive.The car set to have fewer consumption and lower emission (3.9 liter /100 k.m. and reduce 99-103 g/k.m. to around 80 g/k.m).The current K10B engine will revise and will power the new car.

2014….At late 2014 China will be first country to get new compact sedan develop fromAuthentics concept.This car set to be mainstream in Suzuki China’s lineup as there’re around 10 compact car in top 15′s of the country’s car registration chart.The car will be in the same segment of the Civic,Corolla,Sylphy,Elantra.The car expect to get 1.6 liter and 1.8 liter petrol engine

Latest news from Just,Say that Suzuki plan a small family car which we think that it should be a hatchback version of Authentics concept. If this model really exist, it will be also offer in Europe and launch date should be around late 2014 to early 2015.India also expect in late 2014 too.

But others develop may have to wait until late 2015 to early 2016

2015…At quarter 2 of this year,There will be the time for Sub compact B-segment SUV develop from XA Alpha concept.The car will be in the same segment of Nissan Juke.The car will be smaller version of S-cross,Available with both 2 and all wheel drive but will have more emotional design and wider personallization option to make it more desirable.

The car will also build in Hungary.

2015….At late 2015 or early 2016,There’re a report from ASEAN country that Suzuki developing a Sub compact B-segment sedan for the countries that prefer a car with a trunk.The car will be replacement for SX4 sedan and smaller than Authentics.

Expect the car carry 1.2-1.4 liter petrol engine.The car set to under the same platform of B-segment MPV and may be it will share front half styling and mechanic with this car.

2016….Early 2016 It time for the launch of a sub compact B-segment MPV that has apparently been designed for customers who like the dynamics of the Swift but need more boot and rear space for passengers.The car will be similar to Honda Jazz,Toyota Verso and Nissan Note.

The car will share engine,transmission,platform with the B-segment sedan.

2016….Late 2016 is set date of next generation Swift.No information for now but expect a newly develop engine.

Others unconfirmed model is production version of G70 concept because now is consider as a rumor.if the model is really exist,SuzukiFan expect it will be smaller car and lighter car than 2014 Suzuki Alto.This car may eat the share of the Alto in most market but it should suite some countries that have larger volume and fewer competitor like in the developing counties.

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