3 Top Suzuki Cars That Offers Value for Your Money

If you’re thinking of buying a new car or the time has come for you to exchange your old car for a new one, don’t look beyond the Suzuki offerings. Here, we have picked 3 Suzuki cars – first one for the small car segment, second for the medium car segment and the third for the bigger car segment. While picking these specific Suzuki cars, we have made sure to consider fuel economy, performance as well as affordability. That means we have selected the models that have a low cost of ownership. Make no mistake; we’re presenting the top 3 Suzuki cars that offer full value for your hard-earned money. Are you ready to find out these amazing affordable Suzuki cars! Well, let’s begin with the Suzuki car that is in the small/compact car segment – The Celerio.


1. Suzuki Celerio – The Small/Compact City Car

2015_suzuki_celerio_australia_01-0210-mc 819x819Suzuki Celerio has been upgraded from the previous Alto, but because of the major improvements done to the car, it has been given a new name. It has more space inside and is lot smoother and tranquil compared to the Alto. The Celerio is aggressively priced, which starts from $12,990 (on road costs extra), but it outclasses some cars that are priced from $15,500 starting price (on road costs extra). It comes with 3 years or 100,000 kilometres warranty (whichever comes first). It is equipped with a 5-speed manual, FWD transmission. It is fitted with a 0.998 Litre, 3-cylinder unleaded engine, which produces 50kW of power and 90Nm of torque. Service intervals are once every 12 months or 15,000 kilometres (whichever comes first). 4 adults can sit comfortably or 2 adults and 3 children can seat comfortably. It renders a combined fuel economy of 4.7 litres per 100 kilometres. It has received a 4-star ANCAP safety rating. It has a superb turning circle of 9.4m diameter. Celerio’s build quality is really superior. So if you want to buy a car that you’ll be using regularly, you may choose Suzuki Celerio, which will save you thousands of dollars.


2. Swift – The Mid-size Car

Suzuki SwiftSwift has been a very successful model for Suzuki since its launch. If you have a little higher budget, you can consider of owning this smart car. Swift’s GL (manual) model price starts from $15,990 (on road costs extra). Swift’s design is still looking fresh when compared to the newer cars available on the market. Swift has a sporty design, which is the secret that it is still giving a tough competition to newer car models. The full credit should be given to the engineers you designed the Swift. It has received a 5-star ANCAP safety rating. It renders a combined fuel economy of 6.2 litres per 100 kilometres. 5 adults can sit comfortably. It comes with a 3 years or 100,000 kilometres warranty (whichever comes first). It requires servicing every 6 months or 10,000 kilometres (whichever comes first). It is fitted with a 1.372 litre, a 4-cylinder unleaded engine that renders 70kW of power and 130Nm of torque. It renders a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual, FWD transmission. It has a good turning circle of 9.6m diameter. Browse new models of Suzuki Swift here.


3. S-Cross – The Bigger Car

Suzuki S-CrossIf you want a bigger car that resembles an SUV but is lightweight and fuel efficient, then S-Cross is ideal for you. S-Cross is the latest innovation from Suzuki and the price starts from $21,990 (on road costs extra). It is equipped with a modest 1.6-litre, 4-cylinder petrol engine that generates 86kW of power at 6000rpm and 156Nm of torque at 4400rpm. Fuel economy is estimated at about 6.2 litres per 100 kilometres under city riding conditions. Weight is 1125kg and for the 4WD model 1190kg. It comes with 7 safety airbags and stability control. It receives a 5 star ANCAP rating, which is standard on GLX AWD and GLX Prestige AWD models. Five adults can comfortably seat and there is a 430-litre of cargo capacity, which makes S-Cross, stand out from its competitors. As it is lightweight, you can easily control Suzuki S-Cross without much of the efforts. You can also use it for your off-road adventures or long trips.


We hope that above information will facilitate you in taking a well-informed decision to purchase your next car.