2015 Suzuki Celerio Pricing and specifications

The latest 2015 Suzuki Celerio is all ready to replace the old Alto with the new city hatchback starting from a range of $ 12,990 in the manual and $13,990 in the automatic variant. The pricing has been kept aggressive keeping in mind Celerio’s competitors.

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Compare the price of the Suzuki Celerio with Alto’s manual variant that comes in with a price tag of $11,790 plus the on road costs while the automatic one costs $12,990 plus on-road costs.

By introducing the New Suzuki Celerio, the company aims to retain the efficiency and utility of the Australia’s most sought after car in terms of cost, efficiency and ease operation. The Suzuki Celerio has been an exemplary vehicle in terms of utility and performance. This is exactly what Suzuki Celerio aims to achieve.

xSuzuki-Celerio-25.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Uf-IWPcb8gq-v7K-9vXWFor Suzuki service Sydney, the company has already announced that the capped-priced servicing will be available for the Celerio. It is based on the same program working for the alto that is every six months or 10,000 km with an average cost of $217 per visit. Most importantly, it will be eligible for a five-year warranty for 140,000 km.

Sale of the 2015 Suzuki Celerio

The production unit changes from India to Thailand. Suzuki dealers are waiting to sell the new Suzuki Celerio as soon as possible. The company was about to start its sale by this month itself.

A particular glitch found in its brake that makes the brake malfunction at 80 miles per hour or 128 km/h has forced the company to put a sudden brake on its sale until it finds a quick fix. All things said, it’s expected that the Suzuki cars will be soon available for sale.

Features on offer

What does the 2015 Suzuki Celerio have on offer? The new model is larger than the old variant but lighter, and retains the four-seat layout. The wheelbase is also longer in comparison. The company states that it has the best in class cargo capacity space which has increased from the existing 110 litres to a more spacious and bigger capacity of 254 litres. It has also improved its cabin storage with a larger door pockets and cup or bottle holders. It has incorporated power windows for all its four doors and power mirrors with a central locking system.

xSuzuki-Celerio-18.jpg.pagespeed.ic.6KhZAf0ShqKzIRvb_SjiThe new infotainment technology is also better with a four-speaker audio music system, integrated Bluetooth, advanced audio streaming technology and USB input function. The safety kit uses six air bags and the car is expected to achieve a four star rating and cynosure of all eyes.