2014 Suzuki Alto Eco will have superb fuel efficiency.

Suzuki Alto is one of the most famous nameplate and one of the longest nameplate is Suzuki car’s range.The First generation Alto is arrived in 1979 and the latest generation (8th Gen) will arrive in 2014.

The Alto Eco is derivertive of Suzuki Alto which got modifly to get best of fuel efficiency.Today,the 7th generation is most fuel economy in Kei car category and one of the most fuel efficiency of the petrol car that without battery storage and motor generative.

The company have improve the current generation Alto Eco fuel efficiency to 30.2 km/l in novemver 2011 and update agian in february 2013 to get 33.0 km/l.

The 8th Gen which will arrive in 2014 expect to have 35.0 km/l because it will first time get help from ithuim ion battery called”ene charge” system and idleling start stop,Improve engine and transmission and modifly ECU.

The Mag-x have post a rendering of Alto Eco and this is for your viewing enjoyment.

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